The Top 10 episode showcases a tough competition among the ten contestants of the Season 13. The show starts with a beautiful Pashto performance of Saida Gul Maina, judge of the show.


Mansour Jalal started the competition with a full mark of "40" performing "Be To Del Perishan Ast", a song from the jugde of the show, Qais Ulfat.


Following Mansour Jalal, all the nine contestants performed their songs and Sami Aman was the second contestant who made the show emotional with his performance and scored a full mark of "40".


Reshad Naheeb, the only Rap perfomer of Season 13, amazed the jugdes with his unique performance and could also score full "40" mark. The competition continued with the beautiful performances of all the contestants.


Watch the show below to know more about the Top 10.