It's a back to the basics with this episode! Your favorite contestants get a chance to sing their favorite songs, backed up by one of Kabul's best live bands!

25 Jan, 2015

This episode of AFGHAN STAR is dedicated to the brave veterans of the Afghan National Army.

23 Jan, 2015

With Ziba Noori sadly voted off the show last Thursday, Season 10 is now all about the boys!

18 Jan, 2015

The competition to become the next AFGHAN STAR is getting tighter and tighter!

16 Jan, 2015

AFGHAN STAR celebrates the legendary poetry of the great Maulana Rumi on this episode of AFGHAN STAR! And who better to celebrate the beauty of Rumi's work than the great Khaja Ibrahim Ehrari?

10 Jan, 2015

This week's episode of AFGHAN STAR celebrates learning and education. And if this episode teaches us anything, it teaches us how fast things can change on this show!

9 Jan, 2015

The Top 10 Show was dedicated to the Birthday of Prophet (PBUH) (Mawlood-e-Sharif) and all the stars performed religious songs and

5 Jan, 2015

In the Top 11 elimination show Mursal Farahmand was eliminated from the show who had the lowest votes tally.

4 Jan, 2015

In our last episode, a young man from Indonesia with a great passion for Afghan music and culture comes all the way across the world to share his love for Afghanistan with the fans of AFGHAN STAR.

26 Dec, 2014

All our 12 finalists have impressed Shahla, Ustad Sharif, Qasem and Shadkam enough to make it past the auditions and qualification rounds.

25 Dec, 2014