On the TOP 4 JUDGE SHOW the action heats up! The race is down to Mustafa Mehryar, Elyas Isar, Panjshanba and Ali Saqi!

1 Mar, 2015

On this episode of AFGHAN STAR, Voice of Afghanistan coach and famous pop star Obaid Juenda travels all the way from London to shares his unique brand of Persian Blues with fans of the show.

28 Feb, 2015

On this episode Elyas Isars, makes a triumphant return to the show after overcoming the tragic death and winning the Wild Card round!

22 Feb, 2015

This is it! You, the fans of AFGHAN STAR, have spoken with your votes and tonight one lucky eliminated contestants will come and get a 2nd chance to become the next AFGHAN STAR!

22 Feb, 2015

Did you see your favorite singer tragically voted off the show in our earlier episodes?  Did you feel like they deserved a second chance to become the next Afghan Star?

15 Feb, 2015

On this episode of AFGHAN STAR Panjshanba finally combs his hair, Mustafa shows up in red and Elyas Isar must somehow find the strength to keep on singing after a tragic death in his family.

14 Feb, 2015

Now that Majid Andkhui is sadly out of the competition, everything gets a little a more serious with the remaining contestants.

8 Feb, 2015

With Majid Andkhui out of the show, it's left to Mustafa Mehryar , Shokran Khan, Elya Isar, Ali Saqi and Panjshanba Maftoon to battle it out to and survive the Top 5 Results Show!

8 Feb, 2015

Wedding bells are in the air in the TOP 6 episode of AFGHAN STAR S10!

1 Feb, 2015

The battle for votes is now down to just Majid, Mustafa, Shokran, Elyas, Ali, Hasher and Panjshanba!

30 Jan, 2015