This is it, what we all had been waiting for so enthusiastically for the past 12 weeks, the winner, Afghan Star of season 12, has finally arrived and was announced on the grand finale show.

22 Mar, 2017

This week the Afghan Star team has arranged a concert in which the two finalists had several performances.

18 Mar, 2017

Tonight’s episode was a talk show in which all the judges and the two finalists talked and shared their experiences from the Afghan Star season 12.

16 Mar, 2017

Out of thousands of contestants who auditioned from the beginning of the season, only two are remaining and will compete with each other during the final.

10 Mar, 2017

The top 3 elimination show was started with a very beautiful performance “Dukhtar Sardar” by all the 3 contestants

9 Mar, 2017

On the top 3 show our special guests were Naweed Saber poor a contestant from the previous seasons of Afghan Star program and the very famous and talented Afghan singer Vaheed Kaacemy.

3 Mar, 2017

Now the Afghan Star title is not far away. We just got to the Top 3 competition and the show is getting more exciting every week.

2 Mar, 2017

On the top 4 show our special guest was Wali Sazesh a contestant from the Afghan Star previous seasons.

25 Feb, 2017

The elimination show tonight began with a very beautiful performance “Chashm Seya Dari” by Zulala Hashemi.

23 Feb, 2017

Top 5 show tonight started with a very beuatiful group performance by all the 5 contestants

17 Feb, 2017