The show began with a group performance by all the judges of the show.

16 Feb, 2018

Our show on this episode was somehow different than the ones on last weekends. The eliminated contestants were invited to perform the individual song and one of them will come back to the competition.

15 Feb, 2018

Tonight’s show was accompanied by the very famous singer of Afghanistan “Mansoor Nazari”. He was invited as a special guest to this show.

9 Feb, 2018

The first song of this episode was a Hazaragi song “Khanai Mu” which was performed by Mustafa Hunarjoo.

8 Feb, 2018

The show began with a group performance by all the 5 contestants.

2 Feb, 2018

In the elimination episode of this week contrary to the previous elimination episodes the contestants had individual performances.

1 Feb, 2018

Our top six contestants battle it out on this episode of Afghan Star. We were first treated to a performance by all six contestants, singing a calm Afghan song, “Shab e Yalda,” in unison

26 Jan, 2018

This week we will say goodbye to one of our Top 7 contestants. First, we had a duet performance by Adib Yusufi and Mustafa Hunarjoo, two popular contestants, they sang the song of”Cashman Sia” and praised a lot by the judges.

25 Jan, 2018

In the beginning of the show, Shahla Zaland judge of the show and our special guest Gulzar Alim had a thrilling performance.

19 Jan, 2018

This week’s show began with a group performance by all 8 contestants of the show.

18 Jan, 2018