Top 5 show was accompanied by the well known Afghan poet and writer “Dr Sami Hamed” who was invited as a special guest to this program.

6 Feb, 2016

In this week’s episode two contestants were eliminated from the program.


5 Feb, 2016

This week’s show begins with a very beautiful song (Beya Berem Qaleen Bebafem) performed by all 7 remaining contestants of the show that made the audience voiceless.

29 Jan, 2016

This week’s show was dedicated to Afghan national security forces. The show began with a group performance by all 8 contestants of the show to honor and appreciate the accomplishments of the national security forces of Afghanistan.

29 Jan, 2016

This episode we are down to our top 8 contestants.

16 Jan, 2016

This week’s episode again begins with a beautiful group performance “Barai Le Zana Sara Rawlai” by all the participants, but this time to honor the consecutive victories of the Afghanistan national

15 Jan, 2016

This week’s show started with a thrilling performance by Saida Gul Maina the judge of the show.

8 Jan, 2016

The elimination round of this week was dedicated to workers’ week!

8 Jan, 2016

Top 10 episode begins with a beautiful group performance “Pirozo Az Ann Maast” by both the judges and the participants to honor consecutive victories of the Afghan national football and cricket tea

2 Jan, 2016

Top 11 elimination show started with a beautiful group performance by Ashkan Arab, Shafi Shirzai and Ziba Hamidi, they performed an Afghan folkloric song “Yaar Bamyani” which is very famous in the

1 Jan, 2016